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90FUN is Mi (xiaomi) Ecosystem Company. All Mi (xiaomi) Bags and Suitcases are Produced by 90FUN. Established in the early of 2015, 90FUN provides suitcases, bags, clothes, shoes and other products related to trip and wear. 90FUN have acquired the Xiaomi investment and become the first internet textile brand startup company in the Xiaomi eco-chain system in 2015. While providing products to Xiaomi, 90FUN also has its own brand and products whose quality is equal, even better than Xiaomi products. 90UN belongs to a listed company named Anhui Korrun Stock (200577) who has more than 10 years of experience in traditional textile industry and manufactures backpacks for international brands such as Samsonite Decathlon, Dell, Lenovo and so on.

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